How Can I Help?
Donate $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or any amount every dollar helps and is greatly appreciated: Mail your check payable to Markisha Beckett at 
PO Box 115444, Atlanta GA 30310  or Donate Online  All donations go directly to Markisha Beckett.

Dear Family and Friends,

We are writing to raise funds on behalf of our niece Markisha Beckett hospitalized in intensive care since April 24.   She experienced a critical drop in blood pressure related to congestive heart failure.  She is only 33 with three children who depend on her.  Currently recovering, her prognosis for the future is good with your help. 

 Many of you may know she has been unable to work because of symptoms related to lupus but you may not know she has a second auto-immune disease scleroderma causing her heart and lung problems.  Sometimes it seems when it rains it pours. Social Security Disability has denied her application and she is in the process of appeal.   I don’t have to tell you how important it is to have peace of mind and reduced stress around financial issues when recovering from heart problems.  That is why we are creating a fund with an initial goal of $10,000 for living expenses.  Help with medical expenses is also need.  We are seeking every available charity resource and your donations will be appreciated. 

Her chronic illness put stress on her marriage and prior to entering the hospital she was sleeping on her mother’s couch and her children shared a bedroom.   While doctors were working to stabilize her in ICU, her minivan was stolen parked in front of her mother’s residence. The minivan was only insured for liability.  Although returned, she will need help with the cost of repairing the damage.
When a close friend or family member is ill we always ask, “What can I do?”  “Please let me know what I can do.”   

You can help our niece with your prayers and donations..

Thank you for your donations and prayers.
Deborah Whipple  and Dreanna Sizemore

What is 

What is 
What is Veletri?
Sunday, June 03, 2012:  My family moved into a new apartment this week.  I would like to thank everyone who helped with our move.   My mom's minivan is on the road again thanks to a family friend who donated his labor and many parts to repair the van.  We appreciate everyone who has helped us and we continue to need your prayers and support.  Thank you.
Tuesday, May 22, 2012: Message from Markisha I want to personally thank everyone for their prayers and support.  I was overwhelmed by the out-pouring of love received at the graduation last night. You are truly a school family.   I have a praise report.   I was out to 11:00pm last evening and did not need to use oxygen. God is Good and I am in good spirits, because everything is in His hands.  Thank you again and God Bless, Markisha

Monday, May 21, 2012:  My mom is doing much better with Veletri.  The months prior to entering the hospital she had to use oxygen 24/7, but over the weekend she could walk and go about a normal routine without it.   She now uses oxygen primarily while sleeping.  This is a significant improvement and we are thankful for your prayers and God's blessings.

Sunday, May 20, 2012:  
My mom's Minivan was stolen while she was in the hospital.  The good news is the police found the Minivan and thanks to your donations we were able to pay the impound charges. There was damage to the door locks, the steering column and security system.  Any help you can provide my mom for repairs will be appreciated.  Thank you for your continued support.

Thursday, May 17, 2012:  I am happy to report my Mom is leaving the hospital today. Her treatment is a blessing, because it will keep her out of the hospital and will only require monthly hospital clinic visits and tests.   The treatment is an intravenous drug Veletri that requires her to wear a pump.   The cost of Veletri is approximately $100,000 per year although insurances should ultimately pay for the prescription, she will continue to need assistance with co-pays. Thank you for all of your prayers and continued support.


Battle with Scleroderma and Lupus


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Donation appeal for the lifesaving treatment of scleroderma and lupus

My mom is Markisha Beckett and all my life she has been the super volunteer mom at school, Girl Scout Leader and super transportation mom taking me everywhere for my numerous activities.  She was always there to advocate for me and chaperon our special events and trips.  When she worked she always found time to attend my performances and be active in my life.

I am seven years older than my younger siblings Sa’Nae and Sy’on and have had more time to love my mother and understand her health challenges, which are quite unfortunate.  I have memories of my mom  in excellent health that my younger siblings do not share.

She was diagnosed with lupus several years ago and it became very difficult for her to adjust in the beginning, but doctors were able to get the incapacitating symptoms under control so that she could resume many activities and her involvement in our lives.

Recently in the fall of last year my mother became extremely ill to the point that she could not go about her everyday life without using oxygen tanks and machines. At this time she was only 32 and never smoked or abused her body like so many others.  This was a major change in my mother’s health.

My mom and stepfather separated in early 2012.  My mom cannot work because of her health and Social Security Disability denied her application for assistance twice.  She ended up sleeping on my grandmother’s couch allowing Sa’Nae, Sy’on and I to share a bedroom.  She is always so selfless putting us first without complaints.

The situation took a toll on her health and it wasn’t until she was admitted into the hospital in April 2012 did I know she was critically ill. While lupus was being controlled in the back ground, scleroderma caused congestive heart failure.

Social Security denied her disability financial assistance and Medicare, because they believe she can work.   This denial is heartbreaking; because doctors say to survive my mom needs a level of care and medications that are available under Medicare and not paid for by Medicaid. 

She has wonderful doctors and advocates working with her to get other charity benefits and Social Security Disability approved giving her access to the care she needs.  Social Security Disability will take several months and we need your help to raise the funds needed to pay for the expensive yet essential life-saving medicines and treatment  until she is approved. 

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

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